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Entering the Terrifying Worlds of Upper East Side Financial Advisers

The Medley house, left, and the Lasry house.

When we saw pictures yesterday of a terrifyingly terrific townhouse on the Upper East Side, we had to find out more. Did the house belong to a movie-prop-master? A serial killer living out his urges through a children’s holiday? Donald Trump? Turns out none of the above. Rather, the townhouse belongs to independent financial adviser Richard Medley, his wife Dorinda, and their three kids, ages 13 to 18. When we knocked on the door, they were in the middle of throwing a luncheon for Save the Children, but personal assistant TJ O’Shea was kind enough to answer our questions and crack the door for us to see even more decorations inside (it was AWESOME).

The Medleys have been adorning their house for Halloween for about four years now, collecting more decorations as the years go by. “We get mixed reactions,” said TJ. “Some people come by and say, ‘Oh, this is great,’ and others are horrified.” But the best part is that the Medleys compete — Home Improvement–style — with their friends, the Lasrys. That’s Marc Lasry, No. 317 on the Forbes 400, whose house of horrors is on East 74th near the park. We give him points for sheer number of skulls, but take some off for lack of a hanging slaughtered pig. In the end, we really can’t pick a winner. But we definitely know which two houses we’re trick-or-treating at this year.

The Townhouse of Horrors [AMNY]

Entering the Terrifying Worlds of Upper East Side Financial Advisers