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The Final ‘Gossip Girl’ Reality Tally

Richard Dreyfuss really has Cheney down, at least.

So you people are nothing if not exhaustive in your examination of Gossip Girl. So much so, that once again it took us a week to get through your comments and assemble them to total up our reality index from Tuesday morning. This time around, many of you pointed out things that we wrote that weren’t real. (Ingrates.) We’ll re-award points for Nate’s Yale connection, because yes, his mom is a Vanderbilt. More are noted below.

And no, Intel Editor Chris was not in Skull and Bones. You happy, Jessica? Now all the mystery between us is gone.

So our totals were:

Realistic: 72
Fake-seeming: 64

With your points added, the end result was:

Realistic: 91
Fake-seeming: 86

Okay, we should have taken off more points for all of the college admissions–related errors, clearly! Anyway, here are your points:

More Real Than Colleges Accepting Resumes (Okay, okay, we’re old):

• Pseudonymous sex!! Plus 3. Get it?? Because Nate was pretending to be someone else…I personally thought it was a brilliant moment in GG writing. —MyHowNice and others.

• Chuck totally kept his cool when the secret society guys threw a bag over his head and dragged him away, while Dan screamed like the world was coming to an end when they did it to him. Plus 3, because he totally would. —ZRoddy

• “Let’s face it, we’re both going to Hunter.” Plus 3Angela Chase

Plus 3 for Serena watching The Tudors for Henry Cavill, bc isnt that why we ALL watch it? —Legally Bored

Plus 4 for the Lauren Conrad reference by Blair. Because honestly, that is who Serena would want to have dinner (or at least go shopping) with. —Emandem (Echoed by BecauseItsNellyYuki)

Plus 3 for Dan over enunciating “via” during his interview. I immediately remembered why I hate him so much. —Queen B

Faker Than an All-White Male Skull & Bones:

• The violins at the dean’s reception playing “Time is Running Out” by Muse. Really? Did the dean let the freegan compose that for them? Minus 5 because this is almost as bad as last season when Jenny’s choir group sang Fergie’s “Glamorous”. —ChuckYou (Echoed by…Aderkin, BunnyDW, ButterflyVV, ComfortablySmug, STM SML, Boston Beth, LivelyWaldorf, and Magadelic.)

• There was a shocking lack of a cappella. Minus 2. —All_I_Want_Is_Everything. (Echoed by Kyrielle08)

• The only Ivy League school this ragtag crew of friends and enemies would be accepted to, en masse, is Penn, not Yale. Minus 2. —JAVUUG

• Minus a million [Okay, Minus 5] because Serena and Blair are friends again, after all the drama and buildup!?!?!? What happened to Serena, revenge of the teenage bitch??? It can’t be over after 2 episodes, I mean even real teenage girls hate each other longer!!! [Ed: SO TRUE] —TinyT

• Ok so Skull and Bones knows everything about Chuck and has in fact followed him and kidnapped him, but doesnt have the ability to do the same for Nate? Seriously, i think the most prestiguous secret society would at least have been able to google a picture of Nate. Minus 3. —LisaNicole (Echoed by Mandra20)

Minus 2 because the first name on Nate Archibald’s vacant mind would have been either Chuck Bass or something Dan would come up with, like: Tate Barchiwald. —ILoveChuckBass

• Please! Those pictures wont be future blackmail for the S&B members - if they ever run into Chuck in their future business careers they’ll probably be proud of the good ole college days and ask for a frame for their offices. Unless, of course, they were shot by Mapplethorpe, in which case they must be destroyed. [We’re not subtracting points for this, because, as another commenter pointed out, many of them would probably want to be politicians. But the Mapplethorpe reference was genius.] —TheWorldAway

Minus 3 for the dean asking his questions alphabetically by PULLING THEM OUT OF A BOWL?? —Lo in Sojo

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The Final ‘Gossip Girl’ Reality Tally