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The GOP’s Shopping List

Is it us, or is that middle elephant doing something weird with its trunk?

It doesn’t give quite the same frisson that the big reveal of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe costs did, but the Huffington Post has ginned up a list of some other stuff Republicans have bought during the election, if it tickles your fancy. It includes baseball tickets, yacht rental, lunch for Karl, Starbucks, golf carts, car wash, art restoration, “plant material,” chocolate elephants (milk, dark, and light), elephant wine glasses, and shrubs cut into the shape of elephants.

Whew. We’re just glad that nobody at the RNC submitted a receipt for any feminine or adult-hygiene products. Because that would be embarrassing.

The GOP’s Bizarre Purchases: Chocolate Elephants, Art Restoration, Rove’s Lunches [HuffPo]

The GOP’s Shopping List