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Today Is Mayor Bloomberg’s Big Day

Who me?

After a judge yesterday ruled that Christine Quinn’s vote in City Council over term limits should go forward today, the 51 members will have to finally publicly pick sides today over whether they, and Mayor Bloomberg, should be able to run for another four years in office. According to the Daily News, so far eighteen council members are on record in favor of extending term limits, and 23 are already publicly opposed. That leaves ten undecided, with three leaning toward keeping term limits as they are. Since 26 votes are needed to pass the mayor’s bill, it’s going to be a tight squeeze. Because of that, Bloomberg’s been, well, squeezing a bunch of council members and supporters. According to the Times, this has been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, which is why Quinn (his supporter) wanted to rush this vote.

Meanwhile, Councilmen David Yassky, Alan Gerson, and Gale Brewer hope to introduce an amendment to the mayor’s proposal that would seek out a public referendum on the issue, basically nullifying today’s vote. It will be introduced so late that it didn’t have a chance to get on the already-printed bill. As an amendment, it will be considered before the bill itself this afternoon before the full council. This is how history happens, people. Fast, awkward, contentious, and never with enough printer paper.

Referendum Pushed for Term-Limit Plan [NYT]

Today Is Mayor Bloomberg’s Big Day