Anna Wintour May Casually Cast Aside Wicked-Queen Crown

Marbury, smiling that $21.9 million smile.

If it’s true, then the morning’s biggest news is that Anna Wintour may be fed up with her job and ready to retire. (We felt that spiritual fatigue emanating from her Soho townhouse last night when we walked by it, actually.) Mets guy David Wright was attacked by a pack of tacky cougars at a Times Square charity event. Tyra Banks is paying for sexual-reassignment surgery ($20,000 to $35,000) for transgender America’s Next Top Model ex-contestant Isis King, who once was homeless in New York City. Eliot and Silda Wall Spitzer could only find seats in the front row at Quantum of Solace, then she sent him to get popcorn, a scenario that reminds us of that twistedly sweet documentary, Crazy Love, about the guy who blinds his ex-girlfriend with acid, but then she sort of gets back at him by marrying him and bossing him around for years to come. Sort of.

Barbara Corcoran just bought two multi-residence Brooklyn brownstones. Ian Schrager and his new wife had their wedding’s rehearsal dinner at Patsy’s with 21 friends. Robert De Niro will be sued for $3 million by chef Mirco del Vecchio if he tries to replace him with Jean-Georges Vongerichten at Ago, the restaurant in De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel. Cindy Adams seems confused that longtime Law & Order cop Richard Belzer has written a crime-filled “reality novel” with himself as the main character. Liz Smith says that Catherine Deneuve says she became a blonde as a “gesture of love” to Marilyn Monroe. That is hot, and Liz, we know you kind of think so, too.

Chris Matthews snored with his mouth open on the Acela, then loudly told a passenger he thought it was crazy that Obama was considering Hillary for secretary of State. Damon Dash says that Jay-Z was supposed to give Kanye a gold chain to “knight” him the new rap star, but he didn’t, so Dash had to give him his chain, all of which sounds like something out of a hip-hop version of Fractured Fairy Tales. Madonna is getting $10 mil to be the new face of Louis Vuitton and will be shot for the campaign by Steven Meisel, who shot her 1992 Sex, once ridiculed but now a beloved American picture book. Rashida Jones will be in Amy Poehler’s new show on NBC. Heather Locklear was charged with DUI for driving messed up on prescription meds. Paris Hilton has been wearing the same dresses on the carpet as other famous women. Also, she may be back together with Stavros Niarchos. Prince is being sued for supposedly failing to promote his “3121” perfume. Also, did you know that, according to Christopher Lawford’s book, Richard Dreyfuss realized he needed help with his drug problem when he had a vision of his unborn daughter at a coke-fueled orgy? Talk about a buzzkill.

Anna Wintour May Casually Cast Aside Wicked-Queen Crown