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Anna Wintour, Rest of City Turn Out to Vote

Taken today at P.S. 316, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

OMG! It’s Anna Wintour waiting to vote in Soho. Isn’t there just something hilarious about this photo? Wonder if she voted for Obama, because she prefers style over substance, or for McCain, because Sarah Palin showed enviable restraint with accessories?

More of you have been e-mailing pictures and updates to election@nymag.com. Thanks! Here’s what we’re hearing: Waiting is up to three hours in some places, and reports of disorganization and frustration are outnumbered by those of efficiency and good cheer by about two-to-one. In Kensington, voters had to wait over two hours (even if they arrived at 6 a.m.!), and three hours on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. It was also three hours at the polling station at Brooklyn Tech, and the line at 118th Street in Harlem was an entire avenue long. But waits at 83rd Street in Manhattan, 12th Street in the Village, Maujer Street in Williamsburg, 82nd Street on the East Side, and in Greenpoint were completely manageable.

City Hall

Voters in line at the City Hall polling station.Photo: Devon Day

From New York columnist Chris Smith:

12:17: We’ve voted, 2 3⁄4 hours after joining the line. Plenty of time to listen to suggestions for how to make voting work better — and all of them either free or totally common sense. Such as: a handicapped and/or elderly line. Allotting of the number of voting machines according to the population (or turnout history) in each election district. Happier notes: One of the voters improvised flags to mark the end of each election district line; the flag was handed to the new last person in line, thereby allowing new entrants to the gym to immediately locate the correct snaking queue. That spirit of cooperation and good cheer reigned, even though the gym was hot, crowded, and flat (no, wait, that’s someone else’s line). Less encouraging: After signing in, each voter is supposed to be handed a small white card, which is then handed to the person operating the voting booth. Our election district was apparently on the honor system. The white card went into a stack at the sign-in table, and we joined the separate voting line without any proof that we’d checked in. Hmmm. Maybe ACORN is running our district.

Anna Wintour, Rest of City Turn Out to Vote