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Chuck Rangel Gives Donor Sweet Deal Over Sweet Rolls

Isenberg’s hair is full of secrets.

The walls seem to be closing in on Charles Rangel. He’s been busted this year for using congressional stationery to solicit donations for the Rangel Center at the City University of New York, for keeping four rent-stabilized apartments, not paying taxes on his villa in the Dominican Republic, and taking a tax cut on his property in Washington. And now the Times’ David Koceniewski, who has doggedly reported the House Ways and Means Committee chairman’s every indiscretion, has busted him consorting with the man you see at left.

According to the Times, official records show that Rangel’s position on a tax loophole for Nabors, an oil-drilling firm, changed drastically after meetings Rangel conducted with Nabors president Eugene M. Isenberg.

Over sweet rolls and coffee, Mr. Kies asked Mr. Rangel if he would maintain his opposition to the efforts to take away the company’s loophole. Mr. Rangel said he would, Mr. Kies and Mr. Isenberg said in interviews … Eleven days later, a check for $100,000 from Mr. Isenberg was cashed by City College.

Wow. We’d ordinarily say that a politician ought to know better than to consort with a man with such a slick-looking do. But then again, with Rangel’s own pompadour has been raising eyebrows for a long time.

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Chuck Rangel Gives Donor Sweet Deal Over Sweet Rolls