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Count the Guests at the ‘Gossip Girl’ Funeral

Taken today at P.S. 316, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Yesterday the cast of the Greatest Show of Our Time filmed a funeral scene here in New York. (Could this get more Cruel Intentions?) Paparazzi nabbed some photos, including the one above. We’d heard that someone was going to get killed off, but we didn’t expect it to happen so soon. The main characters — Dan, Nate, Chuck, Serena, and Blair — are all accounted for, but we never thought that they would be the ones to go. It would have to be one of the more annoying peripheral characters, right? The ones without contracts? Well, notably missing from the photos are Jenny, Eric, Vanessa, Rufus Humphrey, Bart Bass, and Lily van der Woodsen. That doesn’t really narrow it down — but what does give us a hint are the peripheral characters who are there: Aaron Rose and Cece Rhodes, Serena’s boyfriend and grandmother. Ruh-row. Is one of the van der Woodsens van der Deadsen?

Then again, would Serena really dress so skankily at a family member’s wedding?

Then again, yes.

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Count the Guests at the ‘Gossip Girl’ Funeral