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Dick Cheney and Joe Biden to Have Less Historic, Still-Awkward House Tour Today

“About all those nasty things I said about you … They were gaffes. All of them. I’m a gaffe machine!”

Just like Barack Obama spent a good amount of time on the campaign trail bashing President Bush, Joe Biden threw some good zingers on the stump in Vice-President Dick Cheney’s direction. Once, in an interview with Fox News about the Iraq war, Biden said that “every single person out there that is of any consequence thinks — knows — the vice-president doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Woo! Well, Cheney’s staff says he’s ready to look past all that and is excited to give Joe Biden a tour of the vice-presidential grounds at the Naval Observatory today, where the Biden family will be living for the next four years. Cheney has been building a luxurious post-office home for Lynn and himself in Virginia, so he’s clearly ready to go. One would imagine he’s even probably grateful to be out of the office and off of people’s minds.

Meanwhile, former Al Gore chief of staff Ron Klain has agreed to serve in the same role for Joe Biden. Klain is a former Supreme Court clerk, associate counsel to Bill Clinton, and chief of staff to Janet Reno. He also was instrumental for the losing Democrats in the 2000 Florida recount, when the ruthless Bush troops outmaneuvered the Gore team and landed in the White House, so one imagines he won’t be along for this particular “friendly” visit with the Cheneys.

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Dick Cheney and Joe Biden to Have Less Historic, Still-Awkward House Tour Today