Did Bill Clinton Give Governor Paterson a Public Back Rub?


Financially messed-up hip-hop mogul Damon Dash couldn’t sit still during a John Galliano speech and told tablemates he was “bugging out.” Mickey Rourke “had the nerve” to go to the fancy screening for Milk, the new movie about slain gay politician Harvey Milk, even though he recently called a reporter a faggot. Cindy Adams is kind of funny about the pompous arrival of Sean Penn at the Milk screening — “He lacked only the Magi, the trumpets and a nimbus” — but seems mollified when he talks to her and kisses her on the cheek. Bill Clinton appeared to give Cuddle-Guv Paterson a back rub at the Triboro Bridge–to–RFK Bridge renaming ceremony the other day, perhaps so the guv would appoint him to Hillary’s Senate seat if she becomes secretary of State. But we’d give the cuddle-guv a back rub even if we didn’t have an ulterior motive.

Taco Bell has countersued 50 Cent for suing them for publicly asking him to change his name for a day to something like 79 Cent and put in an order at their drive-through window in return for $10,000 going to his favorite charity. Did you get any of that? James Franco, who plays Harvey Milk’s lover in the new movie, will play another gay character, Allen Ginsberg, next, and doesn’t care if people think he’s gay. (And if you click through, you will note that his hair looks awesome.) Pregnant Jennifer Garner is terrified of a psycho who has stalked her around the country, even though he’s supposedly in a psych ward. Paris Hilton dumped nine-month boyfriend Benji Madden because she’s bored and wants to go out and party and be in the spotlight. Fidel Castro’s portrayal in Steven Soderbergh’s four-hour epic, Che, has passed muster with a Cuban film festival and will be shown there.

Dubai’s Princess Sheikha Hessa gave Akon’s performance place in her birthday-party lineup to the rock-violin group Nuttin’ But Stringz. How humiliating for Akon. Rachel Zoe has been freaking out since her West Hollywood home was broken into last month. Michelle Obama will be the subject of a fashion how-to book that it doesn’t sound like she’s going to have anything to do with. Miley Cyrus giggles semi-insanely when Ellen DeGeneres asks her about her probable 20-year-old boyfriend, in a clip that is subtly compromising to watch on at least three or four levels.

Did Bill Clinton Give Governor Paterson a Public Back Rub?