the greatest depression

‘Dow Doobie Doo Down Down.’

Oh, he can hear you now, B.

The Dow dropped 445 points today, to 7552.29. Shares in Citibank lost 26 percent, despite a hot cash injection from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Oil dropped to $50 a barrel. And JPMorgan Chase dropped 19 percent. But these dry facts don’t really tell you what the day was like for market-watchers. For that, we must turn to the message board on New York parenting Website YouBeMom. Selections of the conversations that took place there today appear below, and we recommend losing yourself in the rhythm of it, as one might with an epic poem or song. We’ll title it:

The Ballad of The New York House Wife

the dow is down 17 percent from 10 years ago. i started working 10 years ago. i might as well ahve spent and enjoyed the money i saved

In 40 years when you are retiring, I doubt you will say that.

I know, but it doesn’t feel good now! I was being facetious. Kind of. ;)

Yeah… I am feeling a little better about the fact that I didn’t really save.

45% down… one year. insane

the year isn’t over yet

That’s what scares me.


The dow?


dad is such a gambler, never should have kept such a
large exposure to stocks.
Same with my mother. She’s lost half her retirement, and she’s 66.
The Dow is going to 0. That’s my new prediction.
can it go negative?
They’ll find a way.

Here is to all naysayers who told me I was stupid to pull out of the market 2 months ago
look at the dow again today ladies -and it is all going to get worse!
ooooh you must be doing a happy dance

what happens when the dow goes to zero?
earth explodes
Tom will come out to the world
Kati Halmez’s dad
you mean shuri?
shit!! yes!!! is it time for my 3rd glass of wine?
The Jewish Messiah shows up
eat the family dog

I cannot believe how low the dow closed…. (8 replies)
how low?
how low was yesterday?
how low?
deep breathes

WHAT is the MARKET doing?
holy FUCK

Oh please, stop with the alarmist all CAPS!
It ”ll go up tomorrow. Professionals will start buying.
My bloomberg just blew up
dow doobie doo down down
lol, way way down

I am really down today.
aww, how come?
fighting with dh, want to lose weight, permamently tired, work is overwhelming me, a lot of stuff.
I need to lose weight too. I’ve gained 10 pounds since June, want to crawl out of my skin (and I was overweight to begin with)
I have been dieting for 18 mos and weigh the same as when I started. Isuck.
Do you really want to feel better? I can assure you will if you do thi detox plan. I did last year and changed my life and marriage.
sure, what is it? not the master cleanse?
do tell
same thing here. I went to the dr yesterday for a physical, he is checking my thyroid. he said if the thyroid is ok, he will give me Meridia.
my issue isn’t that, it’s that I don’t stick to it and don’t exercise enough, though I just rejoined my gym
above poster– well the way it is supposed to work is that you will stick to a diet because you won’t have crazy crabvings and you will be encouraged by the weight loss you see
whats that?
a stuimulant! at least I will have more energy!
and sleep problems?????
least of my worries

I posted it months ago and i”ll say it again - my prediction for the Dow bottom is 6700 6200
The Dow is going to open way down! going to take another beating
ugh, makes me sick to even think about
Do you think we are in recession and will recover in less than 24mths or a Depression and recovery will be 5yrs or so?
I pick option 1
i think 24 months is a lofty aspiration for recovery
anaylsts at my dh company are saying 2-3 years
how did those analysts do at predicting our current market situation?
actually we have a friend at goldman who predicted this . He was dead on. But noone listened.
I predicted this as well. I am not even in finance.

This is why the Dow is going down - another big bank (Citi) is in huge trouble, auto industry is going kaput fast, this alone will cause at least a 3% increase in unemployment I predicted Citi would break up before the end of the year
Very afraid.
But someone earlier said that it was because the traders’ confidence is down because they don’t get enough BJ’s. Now I don’t know WHAT to believe!

I really think it’s going to 6,500. Mark my words. This is bad.
plenty of people thought it wouldn’t go below 9000
Plenty of people thought we’d skip a recession!
and that real estate could only go up
Remember all the endless threads a year ago about how Manhattan real estate would never, ever go down and wasn’t inflated at all?
I do

DH came home tonight and said lawfirm profitfell by 50%
o wow! which firm?
hate to name - fan the flames and all - but he came home really depressed
was it a biglaw firm?

It’s been lower than that, hasn’t it?

no way… not that low…
What is the Dow now?
closed under 8K
For the first time since 2003. Back to the future!
stop it
Just give it another month or two.
I SAID STOP IT. this kind of post has real effects on people

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‘Dow Doobie Doo Down Down.’