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Gays Turn Anger, Snappy Sarcasm Toward Mormon Church

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Last night, hundreds of protesters marched on the Mormon temple on Columbus Avenue to rail against the Church’s nearly $23 million campaign to overturn gay marriage in California. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints made up one of the most visible group of fund-raisers for Proposition 8, paying for vicious and misleading statewide ads in support of the amendment that reversed a California Supreme Court ruling giving equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. Once the bill passed 42–48, gay groups nationwide reacted with outrage, and the church has been a main target. Last night’s protest included gay, straight, young, and old protesters of many races — and was emceed by Whoopi Goldberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. After participating in chants such as “Shame on you!” “Gay, straight, black, white, marriage is a civil right,” and “Separation of church and hate,” the group marched on Columbus Circle.

But it wasn’t all somber outrage. There was some sarcastic irony in the protests, including signs that played on old Mormon stereotypes. “If you can have three wives, why can’t I have one husband?!” read one sign. “Brigham Young had 55 wives, I just want one!” read another. Oh, gays, that’s it. Hang on to your bitter humor. It doesn’t take away the injustice, but it will make for even more great sitcom writing. And in America, that’s what gets a message across.

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Gays Turn Anger, Snappy Sarcasm Toward Mormon Church