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Hey, Who Got the Bad News in Media Today?

This is really sad for hydrangeas everywhere.

In the media layoff world, no news is great news. Today’s layoff news is a bit calmer, but we still have some slashed soirees and magazine foldings after the jump.

• Time Inc. was reportedly set to lay off 250 workers today, but we haven’t seen reports that it actually happened. What we did hear about was the closing of cute design title Cottage Living. [NYP, WSJ]

• Two longtime staffers at the Star-Ledger of New Jersey have been bumped from editorializing to mail-filing after reportedly refusing to take a buyout that sold away 151 other staffers last month. But is this move really more dignified? [Romenesko]

ESPN has canceled its annual holiday bacchanal to cut costs. [Romenesko]

• Ziff Davis’ flagship publication, PC Magazine, which blew minds in 1982 when it was founded, will go, fittingly, all digital after January. And seven print staffers were fired. [Technologizer]

Newsweek has slashed its annual holiday party, but promises to make it up to staffers with a blowout spring fling. Frankly, that sounds a little optimistic, but maybe they’re hoping the office will forget by then. [Gawker]

Hey, Who Got the Bad News in Media Today?