Jared Kushner Doesn’t Drink Coffee, Take No for an Answer

Real-estate investor, Observer owner, and Ivanka-converter Jared Kushner has some advice for people looking to buy real estate. “There’s nothing too obnoxious that you can ask for right now,” he told an audience at an Observer-sponsored panel last week. “Right now a lot of the real-estate brokers, for the first time in a long time, have to earn their commissions.” So if you don’t want to pay an extra $100 per square foot just because there is a built-in espresso machine (and Jared doesn’t want to — he doesn’t drink coffee) or drawers that close slowly by themselves, then you shouldn’t have to. And if you want to work with your own contractor, these days you might just be able to.

But that’s not why you should watch this embedded video. You should watch it to listen closely to Jared’s slight-but-consistent New York accent. We’d never detected it before. It’s like he’s one of Woody Allen’s weirdly handsome and well-to-do friends from his early movies. Or a judge on Law & Order named Maury!

We can’t wait to hear what his kids talk like, when they combine with Ivanka Trump’s preppy Serena van der Woodsen lisp 

Kushner: ‘Nothing too obnoxious’ to ask for [Real Deal]

Jared Kushner Doesn’t Drink Coffee, Take No for an Answer