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Lenny Dykstra Really Is a Stock-Picking Genius, Apparently

I see you, Internet.

Yes, that Lenny Dykstra. Now, we already knew from a March profile in The New Yorker that the former Met was a savvy businessman, between the magazine he founded and the car washes he built. We even remember an interview with Mike Francesa over the summer in which Dykstra mentioned that he was making stock picks on — but that was a quainter time, back before the market completely went to hell.

But a Philadelphia Daily News article on Dykstra gives an idea of just how good he is at this. In his “Nails on the Numbers” newsletter, which costs $1,000 for an annual subscription, he employs a “stock replacement system,” and so far, he’s a perfect 83–0 in his picks and would have earned more than $200,000 for anyone playing along with him the whole time.

Frankly, this isn’t just impressive for an ex-jock — especially one who, even when talking about intelligent things, sounds like a total stoner (sample quote from the article: “What happened to my money, bro?”). Considering what’s happened to the Dow lately, this is impressive for anyone.

Former Phillie Dykstra living high-flying life of an entrepreneur [Philadelphia Daily News via Ump Bump]

Lenny Dykstra Really Is a Stock-Picking Genius, Apparently