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Spotted: Lily Van Der Woodsen, Clad in Mourning Leggings

Lawrence Taylor

Well, what have we here?! A Gossip Girl tipster sent us pictures of the characters of Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey filming a scene together at Grand Central Station late last night. According to the flow chart we’re keeping on our office wall, neither Lily nor Rufus was in the funeral scene filmed earlier this week, which made them default candidates for the possibly deceased. But after this sighting, we may need to shift their positions. Why? Let us explain. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Lily is wearing leggings and a dumpy sweater in this picture. Lily, who wears epaulets at the breakfast table, would never wear leggings, unless she was in mourning. This lends credence to our earlier theory that the soon-to-be-deceased is Bart Bass.

Or, it could be Eric, who was also conspicuously absent at the funeral, and has had a kind of lame role anyway.

Or, directly after this shot, Rufus could have thrown himself onto the tracks, devastated by his failure as a musician and a father and his participation in the Celestine Prophecy movie.

Crap, now our chart is covered in red ink. We’ll let you know if we manage to figure it out.

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Spotted: Lily Van Der Woodsen, Clad in Mourning Leggings