Naomi Campbell Justly Booed for Cutting the Customs Line at JFK

Lawrence Taylor

Diddy turned away 60 people at his Election Night birthday party for not wearing “presidential attire,” which for him included “a pinky ring the size of a Ping-Pong ball,” which we can totally see the president-elect rocking … not. Naomi Campbell was booed for cutting the Customs line at JFK, which, let’s face it, is kind of great. In a bold, wacky move that will propel his career, young designer Christian Cota lap-danced for Bergdorf fashion director Linda Fargo at a special-people’s sneak preview of restaurant ManÑana. Ian Schrager will marry ballerina Tania Wahlstedt next week somewhere in Manhattan. Dennis Rodman apparently inadvertently mooned people leaning over tables at Jean Georges.

Cin-daaay! reminisces about seeing Obama for the first time at the ‘04 DNC and also quotes Val Kilmer saying he’s going to run for governor of New Mexico, where he’s lived for 25 years. She also laments (fellow Cindy) Cindy McCain’s style lapse during the campaign, wonders why Cindy and John never touched in public, and says that Kevin Bacon commented at a urinal that the men’s room is the best place for a star to meet his admirers. We can guess why, after having seen Wild Things.

Producer (and Barbra Streisand’s seventies boyfriend) Jon Peters could be going to jail for parole violations related to DUI charges. Keanu Reeves eluded paparazzo Alison Silva’s assault charges thanks to a tape of Silva saying that he and other celeb-snappers had “no concern for the safety of others” when working. Brothers and Sisters actor Dave Annable said he couldn’t see asking Sally Field to pool salaries with the show’s other stars. Christopher Plummer says he slapped Michelle Pfeiffer too hard when they were making the movie Wolf. Nicole Kidman says she felt she had to be seen and not heard when she was married to Tom Cruise. Well, not any more, Nicole; you are a big star now, also.

There’s more tooth-numbing news about Hugh Hefner’s fake girlfriends we can’t bring ourselves to read. Beyoncé wore metal robo-globes to the Europe MTV Music Awards. Lisa Rinna says she went too far with facial fillers and now thinks she looks weird. Hall & Oates is suing a music publisher for letting other artists rip off “Maneater,” which hit No. 1 in December 1982, and if you’re too young to remember that, that’s too bad, because it was a good moment for everybody in America!!!

Naomi Campbell Justly Booed for Cutting the Customs Line at JFK