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Obama Advisers Pushing Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State

“Thaaatsss right.”

Hillary Clinton worried us exactly a month ago when she said she had no interest in running for president again, or for being a Supreme Court justice, or for being Senate Majority Leader. Had she lost her will to live?? Maybe not. Maybe nobody was asking the right question, which was: “What about Secretary of State?” That’s the one that’s on everybody’s lips this morning, as the Obama campaign confirms that she’s being considered. Some of the president-elect’s aides are strongly pushing her, in a bid to echo Abraham Lincoln’s famous “Team of Rivals.” Obama himself has been in talks on the issue.

Clinton often said that if she were president, she’d send her husband, former president Bill Clinton, out to “rebuild America’s reputation in the world.” But now the chance could be hers. (Other names being floated are New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, Senator John Kerry, and former senator Tom Daschle.) Hillary Clinton was spotted yesterday on a flight out to Chicago, adding weight to this story, but a Clinton spokesman says, “Any speculation about Cabinet or other administration appointments is really for President-elect Obama’s transition team to address.” Man, you can almost hear the electricity between those words!

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Obama Advisers Pushing Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State