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Obama Resurrects Campaign Army to March on Georgia

“Rise, Army of Anubis!” (Sorry, what is WITH us today?)

Shortly after Obama won the general election, the Onion sagely wondered what all of those Obamaniacs were going to do with their suddenly empty lives. Well, now we know: They’re going to go to Georgia to fight for Democratic Senate candidate Jim Martin, who will be in a runoff against Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss. After reports that John McCain, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee will stump in the state for Chambliss, Obama has marshaled his army of organizers and volunteers on Martin’s behalf. Bloggers, ground organizers, legal experts, and “online specialists” from other battleground states have been called by the Obama organization to prepare for the December runoff. It’s unclear whether the president-elect himself will appear, but his grassroots work in the state during the campaign caused a much higher than normal Democratic turnout.

Martin trailed Chambliss by nearly three points last Tuesday, but neither broke the 50 percent necessary to stave off a runoff. If Obama’s army can turn the tide in less than a month, it will be hard for him not to consider dispatching them to other problem areas, like Alaska, say, or Pakistan.

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Obama Resurrects Campaign Army to March on Georgia