Oh No, a Really Hot Teenage Model Is Dating a Slightly Less Hot Cougar Teacher

See, if we weren’t trying so hard to be nice, the caption for this picture would be, “Seriously??”

Sometimes a tabloid story will really test the limits of a blogger. For example, how does one cover the saga from the cover of the Daily News today? In it, spectacularly gorgeous 19-year-old model Joshua Walter has caused quite a kerfuffle over an affair he had with a not-quite-as-spectacularly gorgeous 37-year-old teacher, Gina Salamino. See, Walter was listed as a student when the affair began (the pair met when he was 12 but started dating when he was 16). Since Salamino is a teacher (not his) in the New York public school system, she was fired — but now she’s fighting back by saying that since Walter was too busy catwalking around the world, he actually wasn’t attending classes and therefore wasn’t technically a student.

Okay, so this is where the challenging part comes in. How does a blogger remain charitable when wondering how the hell this happened? Exactly how is it possible not to look at this strapping, flawless boy in his sexual prime and wonder aloud what exactly this seemingly nice yet twenty-years-older woman did to get him to date her, move in with her, and then have a child with her? Nothing against this probably very fun woman, but how to keep one’s characteristic cheery humor while contemplating why, in the name of all that is holy and unholy, she gets to date a magnificent, ripe, explosive, squirmy sex god and your blogger doesn’t? It’s hard, to say the least.

Teacher sues city after being fired for affair with runway model student [NYDN]

Oh No, a Really Hot Teenage Model Is Dating a Slightly Less Hot Cougar Teacher