Home Births in New York: Why?

We mostly just wanted to do this post so we could Photoshop this image.

Is not the whole point of living in New York to get away from nature? Sure, we like organic toilet paper and enjoy our farm-raised groceries, but God forbid we have to live off the land and plow and hunt and so forth ourselves. We’ve all moved to this city made of steel and glass and concrete, where everyone is obsessed with thoroughly material details, precisely to forget about nature and by extension, the fact that we are all essentially fragile bags of blood and guts and gore. Which is why we can’t understand why natural home births are, according to the Times, becoming a trend “not so much from the dyed-in-the-wool back-to-nature types” as professionals and assorted other members of the non-grunting classes, such as this woman:

A shower curtain liner also came in handy when Kirsten Rickert, 32, a stay-at-home mother, decided before dawn on Oct. 29 that she wanted to go through labor standing up in her living room overlooking Prospect Park. Standing on top of a shower curtain layered with a sheet, she planted her arms on her white couch and bent forward.

Honestly. Her white couch. See what we mean? Clearly — ironically, this whole “natural birth” business goes against all of the natural instincts of New Yorkers.

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Home Births in New York: Why?