Padma’s on the Prowl for a Billionaire

This is not Summers’ (l) best picture.

Robin Williams slipped into Ally Hilfiger’s Village apartment late on Election Night, but probably to visit his new girlfriend, who’s Ally’s houseguest. That same night, Georgette Mosbacher, Harvey Weinstein, Josh Lucas, George Pataki, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Alba, Salman Rushdie, and James Franco partied at an election bash at Public House. French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy was also there, in an intimate way, with brewery heiress Daphne Guinness, even though BHL is married. Meanwhile, at Diddy’s birthday party at Philippe, Michael Jordan, Russell Simmons, and Wesley Snipes were part of the big roar that went up when Obama won. Also, Obama has a mole on his nose that can be easily removed and thus would render him absolutely perfect. Oh, and Padma Lakshmi is supposedly prowling for a billionaire, first dating Ted Forstmann, then letting Simmons put his hand on her prized thigh.

Ian Schrager just bumped the mortgage on his Lafayette Street penthouse from $6.7 mil to $11.25 mil so he can build out his other penthouse at 40 Bond, leaving us worried about the huge stress his finances and holdings must put on him. And we’re worried about Wallace Shawn, whose emotional and writing life has been severely compromised by Bush’s bad treatment of prisoners at Gitmo. Cindy Adams was invited to CNN’s Beltway-fabulous “CNN Grille” in their cafeteria on Election Night and, in a jarringly uncharacteristic turn, mocks attendees and gets bent out of shape when a producer tosses his greasy napkin into her new Prada bag. Cin-daaay! Liz Smith grumbles that the name of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, where she’ll interview Elaine Stritch, is too long.

Minnie Driver’s baby’s father may be a TV writer she was dating who left her when she told him he’d seeded her with the wonder of new life. Tila Tequila seems to be putting out a retread of the nineties girls’ bible The Rules, telling girls to hold off on sex with desirable men but then to go porno on them when they finally embrace the coital role. Pete Wentz’s parents met when they were legislative aides to vice-president-elect Joe Biden in the seventies. Gavin Rossdale said that Stevie Nicks is the queen and his own wife, Gwen Stefani, is just the princess. Britney Spears looks hot on the cover of Australian Cosmo, but the pic was taken five years ago. Gwyneth Paltrow wore an odd dress that showed her bra and panties.

Padma’s on the Prowl for a Billionaire