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Party in Graydon Carter’s Hotel Room!

Due to current events, i.e. the current economic coverage, Vanity Fair’s annual Oscar party will be a somewhat less glamorous affair in 2009, editor Graydon Carter explains on the magazine’s Website today. He makes a good show of making it seem like this is something they are doing on purpose:

“We’ll celebrate Hollywood’s big night the way we did when we first threw the party 15 years ago,” he wrote. “It will be a cozier, more understated event. And one with familiar décor — given the current economy, and our dedication to the green movement, we will be recycling many of the elements of years past.”

We were almost sold by Vanity Fair’s impressive commitment to the environment and the alluring way in which he makes “cozy” sound like “more exclusive” — Does this mean we are even less invited than last year?!?! That makes us want to go even more — except that the scales fell from our eyes when he got to the part about the venue that they’ve picked to replace Morton’s.

We also look forward to working with Jeff Klein, who owns the Sunset Tower (and is my partner in another venture), in making next year’s Oscar party a memorable one.”

The Sunset Tower! But that’s where the Vanity Fair staff usually stays. Clearly, by “celebrating Hollywood … the way we did when we first threw the party,” Graydon really means “in my hotel room in our bathrobes with a giant bowl of popcorn and maybe some M&Ms.” Humph. Trying to fool us with his smooth talk.

Vanity Fair Oscar Party to Be Held at Sunset Tower [VF]

Party in Graydon Carter’s Hotel Room!