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Theron, Badgley, and Dash at the CFDA Awards

When Ed Westwick appeared in ads for K-Swiss shoes making ridiculous kissy faces, we had to wonder if his castmates gave him any shit for it. So when we saw Penn Badgley last night at Skylight Studios for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, we asked what he thought about Ed pouting it out for sneakers.

You mean like [puckers] that?”

Yes, that’s exactly what we mean, we told him, while staring longingly at his lips.

Yes, I suppose he’s known to do that.”

Would he ever do a similar promotion?

Yes. The only thing I wouldn’t do is a car.”

Why not?

I could go on a whole philosophical rant, but I just don’t agree with cars,” he said. OMG that is so Dan of him! we squealed inside our head, but asked out loud how it was that he didn’t “agree” with a car.

No, no, no. That sounds ridiculous. I just wouldn’t want to encourage anything that isn’t a hybrid, and at the same time, I wouldn’t want to encourage the production of more cars. It’s just, you know, being ecologically conscious.” So. Dan. We were swooning. Then, suddenly, one of Anna Wintour’s Vogue magazine minions swept over.

Anna needs to see you now,” she said urgently.

I’ll be there as soon as I can,” Dan/Penn told her. He picked us over a Voguette! We died inside, then picked up the conversation.

Sounds like we have a green professor on our hands, we quipped.

Well, obviously I care about the climate, it’s not so much…”

And just as he was really getting into it — ready to break out statistics and numbers which would culminate, we knew, in eventually Frenching us — the Vogue girl came back and stole him. “Anna needs to see you right now,” she ordered him. His eyes grew large, as if he feared the Anna wrath more than he feared ozone depletion and melting polar ice caps.

Apparently I have to go,” he said apologetically. As he sauntered away, we puckered up like Ed Westwick, hoping he’d return the gesture one last time. Alas, he did not. Mother-pucker.

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Theron, Badgley, and Dash at the CFDA Awards