Pete Wentz Envelops ‘Real World’ Kids in Warm Emo Embrace

“I totally saw one of Britney’s boobs once, too.” “Um, I see Kid Rock’s boobs right now.”

Meryl Streep is tired of running around the country visiting her kids and wants to stay put in New York and do a play or musical on Broadway. Agyness Deyn D.J.’d and Kate Bosworth and Genevieve Jones were on the benefit committee for a Humane Society bash even though they’ve all worn fur. Pete Wentz is letting The Real World shoot at his East Village bar, Angels & Kings, because nobody in Brooklyn, where the cast is living, wants them in their bar. Steven Greenberg will keep people warm this winter on the huge rooftop of his bar at 230 Fifth Avenue with massive heaters and 1,000 hooded red robes. Spontaneous Druidic ceremonies will be encouraged.

Elle Macpherson and NBC legal guy Dan Abrams have been seen around town together and may be dating. And why is MTA chief Lee Sander often taking an unmarked police car to work when his office is in Grand Central Terminal, and when the MTA may hugely hike fares?

Cindy Adams says people should be fined for walking to and from certain places and for eating and swearing on the street, but we think she’s being facetious. Dominick Dunne has survived two surgeries and will soon go to his house in Connecticut to finish his novel, Liz Smith helpfully reports. Sean Combs makes his girlfriends get a Brazilian wax but says it’s fair because he grooms his personal area, too. Rosario Dawson’s grandfather saw her naked in the movie Alexander. Outed CIA agent Valerie Plame isn’t happy there’s a new movie that make a hero out of Times reporter Judith Miller for refusing to testify about the Plame case, but Plame will soon get her own movie anyway, where she’s played by Nicole Kidman. Daniel Day-Lewis stays in character on the set of Nine even when they’re not filming, which sounds hugely annoying.

Death Row Records founder Suge Knight faces many charges in the beating of his girlfriend. Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend, Sam Ronson, says her own dog is more civilized than the animal-rights activist who threw flour on Lindsay for wearing fur. Wanda Sykes was prompted by the new ban on gay marriage in California to come out as gay herself. Madonna may be angry to hear that A-Rod flirted all night with Kate Hudson in Miami. Or will she be turned on? Sorry, that’s gross. Obama chief-of-staff-elect, Rahm Emanuel, flew coach and read an article on Sarah Palin on a Chicago-D.C. flight. Most importantly, Billy Elliott composer Elton John thinks Emanuel will do well in his new job in part because Emanuel was a ballet dancer.

Pete Wentz Envelops ‘Real World’ Kids in Warm Emo Embrace