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Sarah Palin Gave a Press Conference! With a Podium!

“With my hair down, I am approximately this much more sexy.”

Sarah Palin has been talking the media’s ear off lately, starting with her early-morning impromptu presser on Election Day, when she refused to say for whom she voted. Now she’s had several reporters into her home, she’s cooked for them, and she even went on Larry King. But what she hadn’t done until this morning’s Republican Governors Association event in Miami was stand at a podium and formally take questions from reporters. (This fact, rather than what she said, was what the Times decided to lead with today. Which is kind of a bloggy thing to do, so we are following suit.) As political analysts fret over whether all this exposure is good for her, the Alaska governor just plows on with it — presumably hoping that one day her answers will be more coherent, or that audiences will just get used to them the way they are.

Palin discussed health care and reforming the Republican machine, and urged her party not to go negative even as they slipped into the minority. She wouldn’t talk about 2012 in specific terms, rather focusing on gubernatorial midterms in 2010. She attempted to keep reporters on the subject of the Governors Association, explaining that she was “trying to convey the message that Republican governors are a unique team.” But this didn’t work, as all anyone wanted to ask about the election. In response to their questions about her past year, she gave them a really fantastic, “Why, did something happen?” response:

I had a baby, I did some traveling, I very briefly expanded my wardrobe, I made a few speeches, I met a few VIPS, including those who really impact society, like Tina Fey.”

What? Isn’t that what everybody did this year?

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Sarah Palin Gave a Press Conference! With a Podium!