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Sarah Palin to Save the South for Republicans

The once and future Defense secretary.

Just as McCain was laughing hysterically in a press conference at the idea of running for president again, word came of Sarah Palin’s latest effort to become a rallying figure for the wounded Republican Party. She will travel to Georgia (a place she probably knows as well as she knows Africa) to stump for GOP runoff candidate Saxby Chambliss. The incumbent senator beat his opponent, Jim Martin, in the election, but didn’t break the necessary 50 percent of the vote to secure his seat. In a runoff, attendance is everything, so keeping conservatives energized is more important than convincing new people to vote. Obama himself won’t go to Georgia, to avoid compromising his bipartisan appeals to Congress and weakening his public mandate in the face of a loss. But Palin will appear there four times.

Oh, and also, if you haven’t heard, Laura Bush is shopping around a book proposal. We probably won’t buy it, as we’ve already read American Wife, but still, we hope she earns more money than Palin does for her own rumored book. If it’s anyone’s turn to open her mouth and say every stupid thing that’s on her mind, it’s Laura Bush’s, not Sarah Palin’s.

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Sarah Palin to Save the South for Republicans