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Sarah Palin’s Hilarious Weekend

Floating on air.

The family-friendly magic of Halloween continued through the weekend for one mom of five. After Friday night’s revelry in New York City saw hundreds of Sarah Palins (in everything from Dior pantsuits to flag bikinis) and even more pregnant Bristol Palins and Trig Palin accessories, the merriment carried on to Saturday, when the audio recording of a prank call to the Republican vice-presidential nominee was released. In it, a pair of Canadian radio hosts convinced Sarah Palin’s people that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was calling (which shouldn’t have passed the smell test) and got Palin herself on the phone, proceeding to make fun of the blissfully unaware Alaska governor.

Then, of course, Sarah Palin was mercilessly lampooned on Saturday Night Live (once again by Tina Fey) during John McCain’s appearance on the sketch show. If you haven’t reviewed either recording, you must click through the links below. They’re both priceless. And we’re sure you’ll agree with us that while Palin (and in a sense, McCain) wasn’t helped by any of it, one person on their team definitely was: In six short seconds, Cindy McCain’s star turn as a jewelry demonstrator on SNL made up for two entire years of nervous humorlessness on the national stage.

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Sarah Palin’s Hilarious Weekend