Schnabs Keeping Both Wife and Mistress in the Chupi?!?

No wonder he’s always wearing pajamas.

Daily Intel Schnobsession Julian Schnabel and his wife, Olatz, have each hired divorce lawyers because Schabs has been carrying on with his filmmaking collaborator Rula Jebreal, who’s maybe living in the Chupi a floor away from the wife, Cindy Adams reports. Brooke Shields either was totally in the dark or put on a really good act when she gushed at an event about how much she loved her TV show, Lipstick Jungle, the night before it was canceled. Richie Rich has won a court battle to keep using the name Richie Rich. Mick Jagger’s teenage daughter, Georgia May Jagger, and Bono’s daughter, Jordan Hewson, flew into NYC for a rock show by Georgia’s boyfriend, Django James, who is Eurythmics guy Dave Stewart’s teenage son. Elton John’s teenage kid would’ve been there too, but he never had one.

Heidi Klum makes both the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows and those without on Thanksgiving, but she won’t be making the pumpkin pie. David Duchovny and Téa Leoni seem to be living happily with their kids on the Upper East Side and going to Tasti D-Lite a lot (in this weather!?!?) despite their recent separation over the iron grip of Dave’s sex addiction.

Ashley Dupré used to do coke and have three-ways where people would lick wasabi off her boob-tips, says her former hooking colleague, Natalie McLennan, in her memoir. So what, you can do that and still be a sweet girl, right? LL Cool J wrapped 1,500 toys alongside foster children for a charity thing, then came over our house to cuddle before a roaring fire. (Well … some parts rap-daddy wish-fulfillment.) Padma Lakshmi went to Rochester to see a Foo Fighters concert and got pulled up onstage by Dave Grohl and played the tambourine with the band. Can you see Pads in Rochester, though? Well, she did go to college in Worcester, Massachusetts.

French First Couple Sarko and Carla went jogging in Central Park, Liz Smith reports. Michelle Williams misses Heath a lot and hides out with her daughter at a farm upstate to escape the paparazzi that stalk them in Brooklyn. Ivana Trump says everything is great between her and husband Rossano Rubicondi, which makes this short week a little shorter and gentler for us to get through. Ol’ Dirty Bastard would’ve been psyched to have lived to see Obama elected president, said his mom, Cherry Jones — no, not this Cherry, but that’s a funny thought, right?

Tom Ford wants to have plastic surgery done in a subtle way. That’s a good goal! Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are ending their marriage, but supposedly they were only together anyway to do drugs together and have three-ways and other kinds of kinky sex. Hey, marriages have been built on less! And finally, in News That Falls With a Sodden Thud of Sad Obscure Irrelevance, Michael Jackson has reached a settlement with the sheikh who was suing him for not coming through on some projects he’d financed.

Schnabs Keeping Both Wife and Mistress in the Chupi?!?