SJP and Matthew’s Selfless Toiling Just Might Bag This Election for Obama

“Vote Obama … or else.”

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Edie Falco, Lisa Loeb, and John McEnroe have all been phone-banking for Obama at fancy places like Touch, 583 Park, and Gustavino’s. Inevitably, Oprah will be with Obama tonight and devote her whole show to the election on Wednesday and throw a humongous party that night also, if Obama wins. In other news pertinent to today’s history-making events, A-Rod was seen in L.A. at the same time that Madonna was supposed to be there. Also deeply relevant is the fact that Ivana Trump’s six-month-old fourth marriage may be on the rocks. Such factors may rock the election!

Hedge-fund guy Curtis Schencker got The Who to play not only a big Michael J. Fox Foundation benefit but also his 50th-birthday party. Keith McNally is resisting an offer to sell all his New York restaurants for $100 million to London mogul Richard Caring, who wants to copy Pastis and Balthazar around the world. David Duchovny and Téa Leoni took their kids trick-or-treating on the Upper East Side and looked happy together even though they announced last month they were separating because of David’s sex addiction. Jeremy Piven is moving into the Atelier on West 42nd Street, where stars like Nick Lachey and Lindsay Lohan get to live for free. Rob Reiner showed Meg Ryan how to do the big fake orgasm in When Harry Met Sally by doing it for her himself. That must have been as crazy to watch as today’s voting lines!

Susan Sarandon will be seen young and naked in the upcoming DVD release of the 1971 sexy movie The Apprentice. Stephen Baldwin couldn’t park his Smart Car parallel on Little West 12th Street, so he parked it perpendicular to the other cars. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video is supposedly being developed into a musical … cool, let’s dance! Lauryn Hill took four of her five kids to Martha Stewart’s signing of her new cookbook at the Short Hills Mall. Michael Phelps ordered oysters for his table of eight at Da Silvano. John Legend danced on the table with his mom at his album-release party. He’s an evolver, all right!

Cindy Adams has lots of fun Election Day trivia, like Jefferson was the first prez to shake hands rather than be bowed to. Calvin Coolidge worked only four hours a day and took three-month summer vacations! Funky facts, Cindy! Dominick Dunne is leaving the hospital briefly pre-surgery to vote today, Liz Smith says. Kathy Griffin seemed to be getting inaccessible and chilly and diva-ish at Bette Midler’s Hulaween benefit, which she emceed, blocking guests from her with a bodyguard and giving fans a blank stare. Whatever, Kath, but you betta vote today, beyotch!

SJP and Matthew’s Selfless Toiling Just Might Bag This Election for Obama