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Spencer Tunick Got a Bunch of People Naked in Brooklyn the Other Night

This is not Summers’ (l) best picture.

Everyone experienced history on Tuesday night — but the crowd that had gathered to watch the returns at Prospect Heights’ Soda Bar experienced it in a slightly different way. Just when CNN was getting ready to call Ohio, a waitress turned off the volume, stood on a chair and made a surprising announcement: “You thought you were here for an election-night party, but really you are here for a naked party!”

Spencer Tunick, the photographer best known for his live nude-photo portraits of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people (last year he convinced 18,000 people to pose naked at the Zocalo in Mexico City) wanted to take a photograph for his new Party Series, which, he told us later, “explores the relationships and comfort levels of people in a party atmosphere.”

Some people at Soda Bar were more comfortable with taking off their clothes than others. A Hasidic man with long sideburns and beard surprised his friend by agreeing to participate. The enthusiasm of a large African-American woman — let’s call her Evon — was contagious, and she ended up convincing several people to be a part of history and even start an “Evon 08” chant. Not everyone, of course, was convinced. A small group of grumblers clustered outside, near a bouncer stationed to prevent clothed Brooklynites from intruding.

What’s happening?” one man asked.

They’re doing a photo shoot, but you can’t go in without signing a release.”

He looked in, through the rungs in the ladder. Dozens of people were lying on the ground, naked.

He turned back to the bouncer. “No, I mean, what’s happening with Ohio?”

We hope to have pictures soon…

UPDATE And there is one. Sorry it is kind of small, but trust us, it’s too early in the day for a big closeup of some dude’s hairy nads.

Spencer Tunick Got a Bunch of People Naked in Brooklyn the Other Night