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Terrorist Fist-Jabs Backstage on Obama Victory Night

Lawrence Taylor

Just when we hear that Barack Obama’s win is already magically erasing political and military setbacks in Iraq comes this disturbing piece of imagery. An eager radical in training future first daughter Malia delivers a controversial fist-bump to her dad as the returns come in on Election Night. Someone call fired Fox News anchor E.D. Hill and get her the old job back: It’s a family of secret Islamists!

Okay, not really. It’s actually an adorable picture of 10-year-old Malia expressing her pride and excitement for her father. Which is a nice thing to see, because sometimes you can sort of tell that the young girl is a little nervous about all the scrutiny she’s facing. (She’s seen all those pictures of Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton!) The photo is part of a Flickr archive of personal photos of the Obama and Biden families that night, by photographer David Katz. It’s very cute, and free! You don’t even have to hunt down a sold-out Time or Newsweek commemorative issue. How American is that?

Barack Obama Sets [Flickr]

Terrorist Fist-Jabs Backstage on Obama Victory Night