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The Day in Media Layoffs

Skelos, Paterson, and Silver: “We’re number one!”

You may have noticed that an economic recession, plummeting ad sales, and the whole Internet thing has made media the new Wall Street. But it’s difficult keeping track of which media outlets are dead, which are ailing, and which are merely being frugal. Thus, we shall round up the casualties daily until — well, until there’s nothing left, or no one left to do it. Today’s list of the departed and departing is after the jump.

• Au revoir, Anna Wintour? “Page Six” reports that the iconic Vogue editrix might be stepping her heeled foot down from her lofty position when her contract expires soon. Hearsay, we say. [NYP]

• Incisive Media, formerly known as American Lawyer Media, has laid off nine staffers, including writers. The company, which prints over 100 titles, including IT Weekly and American Lawyer, has already laid off 42 people this year, though you might not have noticed. [Gawker]

• Focus on the Family, a right-wing, evangelical media organization, has laid off 149 staffers — 21 percent of their workforce. [UPI]

Lucky, the Condé Nast–owned shopping mag, has laid off three mid-level editors. The cuts are allegedly the result of a recent corporate mandate to cut 5 percent of the staffs and budgets at every Condé title within a few weeks. Ack. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

Forbes, which scaled back its online staff last week, announced today that it’s planning to merge its online and print staff. Forty three staffers have been laid off thus far, and Mediabistro suspects there are more cuts to come. [Mediabistro]

• Dave Kansas has stepped down as president of, a recent IAC start-up about personal finance launched in partnership with The Wall Street Journal. He remains editor at large, and plans to write The Wall Street Journal Guide to the End of Wall Street As We Know It . [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• Gawker reports that Cottage Living, a popular Time Inc. title, has folded, Website and all. [Gawker]

The Day in Media Layoffs