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The Road to a Clinton Secretary of State Is Smooth, Bumpy

Hillary Clinton’s camp is sending out messages that she is not 100 percent sold on the idea of accepting a secretary of State offer. Reports in the Times and Politico quote one source that says she is “agonizing” over the decision. “If you are secretary of state you work for the president,” the Clinton ally told the Times. “If you are a senator, you work for yourself and the people that elected you.” The source (we’re assuming it’s the same one) told Politico that she is tempted to stay in the Senate and “help pass health care and work on a broad range of domestic issues.”

But the Politico story also observes that the Clintons have been boasting that they have eliminated the leaks in their campaign. “We’ve gotten rid of all the other idiots,” joked one Clinton confidant, forcing us to wonder aloud: Is this one big, unilateral leak about Clinton’s ambivalence just a cover in case the secretary of State gig doesn’t pan out? Or a bid to make her seem in control of the situation?

Marc Ambinder has a report indicating that the Clintons are eagerly cooperating with the vetting process. Bill Clinton instructed his lawyer to provide absolutely everything that the Obama team has asked for, and he will be releasing his fund-raising databases soon, which he didn’t even do during the campaign, or when Hillary was considered by Obama as a running mate. Bubba’s even prepared to disclose all future income to the State Department and clear his speaking engagements with them in advance. According to Ambinder, the Clinton and Obama camps have been working very well together and there have been “no bumps in the road.” So, again, what gives with all these reported Hillary “second thoughts”?

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The Road to a Clinton Secretary of State Is Smooth, Bumpy