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The Secret Lives of Athletes, Revealed!

Lawrence Taylor

It has been a while since we saw Giants legend Lawrence Taylor hanging around, doing interviews, being Lawrence Taylor. Usually he pops up when he has something to promote. In this case, Blitz II: The League, the video game for which he graces the cover.

Taylor’s promotion is why you’ve been reading a ton of stories lately about him giving “advice” to current Giants and Jets and calling out Plaxico Burress for not being a good enough teammate. Whatever gets his name, and his game, in the headlines. (Perhaps coincidentally, Taylor’s son, Brandon, announced last week that he’ll play football for Purdue.) But it’s his appearance on Fox Sports Net’s Best Damn Sports Show Period that we suspect most will remember.

Deadspin already has the clip, but you can look forward to Taylor, when describing what life is like in a locker room, hitting himself in the face so hard that it terrifies everyone in the studio, including poor host Chris Rose, who looks like he’s trying to find a window to jump out of. After this next round of promotion, L.T. will surely disappear for a while again, until he has something else to promote. We can just hope he always stays crazy. We like his odds.

Like You Wouldn’t Watch This Over The Game 365. Former Knick/badass Charles Oakley was interviewed by MSG Network at halftime of Wednesday’s Knicks-Bobcats game, and after mentioning a just-completed auction in which someone paid $2,100 to have Oak come to their home and cook them dinner, he let slip that he likes cooking so much that he had a meeting over the summer with MSG executives about hosting his own cooking show. (Apparently, he even filmed test shows, including one with guest John Starks.) Unfortunately, they rejected the idea. Presumably, their programming budget for the year was spent securing enough Diet Coke to make an offer to Mike Francesa.

Real Men Get Manicures. It’s a sign of how far Phil Hughes’s stock has fallen that we’re not turning to Baseball America or the like for insight into his career, but instead to the Website of ACE Performance Grooming Tools, which subjected him to questions like “What’s your most embarrassing grooming moment?” Maybe it’s appropriate, though, since Hughes missed some time in the Arizona Fall League last month with a fingernail-related injury. Now there’s a ringing endorsement! [via Was Watching]

The Secret Lives of Athletes, Revealed!