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The Spitzer Scandal, Season Two

Leighton Candler, who has to talk to rich people — about vast sums of money — as though they are children.

We almost forgot about it because of the financial crisis and the election, but eight months since its explosive (no pun intended) premiere, our favorite show, the Spitzer Prostitution Scandal, is coming back for a second season! Members of the House Finance Services Committee are looking into how everything went down— who filed the Suspicious Activity Report on the banking transactions that ultimately connected Spitzer with the Emperors Club and why— and they are planning to hold hearings that will hopefully piece everything together next year. The Times today provides us with an excellent trailer for this new part of the series, beginning with this tagline:

Eight months after a federal investigation into a prostitution ring brought about the downfall of Gov. Eliot Spitzer, the question persists in some circles: Was the federal government out to get Mr. Spitzer?

Flash to Massachusetts State Representative Michael E. Capuano, a voice of dissent against the increased scrutiny of banking transactions and this season’s protagonist, getting increasingly agitated as he scrolls through the conspiracy theories on left-wing blogs. “The question was: Why were they looking for this? Is this political retribution? It raises questions in my mind that he may have been targeted for political purposes.”

And then! Capuano traces what happened in a whirlwind of testimony, bank names, and papers being shredded by chubby white hands, and Ashley Dupré comes out of shadows and says, “If I tell you what I know, they’ll kill me.” The mood is lightened by Barney Frank making a joke: “He got fucked, all right.” Then: Two men in pin-striped suits exchanging briefcases. We can’t see their faces. The camera zooms in on a signet ring — whose is it? The screen goes black. Coming in 2009.

Panel Asks How Inquiry Began on Spitzer Banking [NYT]

The Spitzer Scandal, Season Two