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Tim Robbins in Voting Snafu

Taken today at P.S. 316, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

HA. The Board of Elections is so kicking itself right now. Somehow, they managed to get in the way of the inalienable right to vote of one of the like, ten people in New York absolutely certain to completely freak out and make a huge fuss about it: Tim Robbins, who arrived at his polling place this morning to find that his name wasn’t on the voter list and was forced to stand around the polling place, growling about “voter intimidation” and generally following the advice that he himself dropped just last week on Bill Maher’s HBO show:

Fight in the polling place to vote. It’s your right as an American. You have every right to vote if you’re registered. And if you’re not on the rolls and something went wrong, document it. Video cameras at polls are going to be an effective way to fight this election day.

Or if you are Tim Robbins, talk to a reporter from the Times. “I have the time and luxury to do this,” Robbins told the paper. “If this is a systemic thing, what does that mean for the country?” Sigh. Let’s just hope that Sean Penn, Bill Maher, Spike Lee, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Charlie Rangel, and Keith Olbermann are all able to sail through without encountering such difficulties. As for the rest of us, if you have had any problems voting today, tell us your story in the comments.

Tim Robbins Faces Mixup at Polling Place [City Room/NYT]

Tim Robbins in Voting Snafu