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Voter Turnout Anecdotally Huge in the City

Reader Jake sent in this picture from Cabrini Boulevard in Washington Heights.

All day long, we’re going to keep you posted on the situations at the polls here in New York City, with updates from our spies and reporters. Already everything seems way more crowded than usual. At 7:20, Intel editor Chris’s polling place on 14th Street and Avenue B, in Stuyvesant Town, had the longest line he’s ever seen there, with at least 40 people spilling onto the sidewalk. Managing editor Jessica Coen’s polling place on 4th Street between First and Second Avenues had at least 60 people waiting in line outside at 8 a.m., and “inside, the crowd was like Mad Max.”

And New York columnist Chris Smith reports:

6:07 a.m.: My voting routine is long set: Jog to polling place, vote, resume jog. I’m never more than the 8th or 14th person to vote in my election district. Judicial elections, referenda, presidential elections, doesn’t matter. The only wait is the equally dependable fumbling through the registration books to find my name. Not this morning. The line at Edmonds junior high, on Adelphi Street in Fort Greene, is at least 200 people long, stretching back and then curling down onto Lafayette Avenue. The scene is the same over at P.S. 11 on Waverly Avenue in Clinton Hill (no, I don’t vote there too, but I was curious whether my spot was somehow unusual). Two immediate reactions: I’m teary when I see the line, moved by the number of my fellow Americans who aren’t just complaining, but showing up. And: There’s no way New York’s Board of Elections can handle this turnout.

If you have a crazy, funny, or interesting scene at your polling place today, send us a photo at election@nymag.com. And tell us about it in the comments!

Voter Turnout Anecdotally Huge in the City