What Do Socialites Think About Barack Obama Winning the Election?

Honestly? Do you really want to know? You have exhausted all other possibilities? What about the squirrels on your stoop, did you ask them? Because they might have something interesting … Really? Okay then. Guest of a Guest went and asked some socialite types — you know, the younger ones, the ones who are the future — what they thought about Barack Obama’s historic win last night. Here are some of their responses:

Lydia Hearst: “Today is a proud day for America. I just wanted the best candidate in the job and I am in full support of Obama. Like anyone I am excited for change! I think its exactly what this country needs and wants. As far as Palin not making it into the Whitehouse [Eds: Sic on all of this and everything that follows, by the way], I just want candidate in the job regardless of age, sex, or race. I do think John Mccain and his administration would have done a fine job but I am also very optimistic about the next four years.”

Steve Lewis: “Taking WC Fields lead, I voted against the people who I didn’t believe in. Sarah Palin is everything that was wrong with the Republican party, and our country in general. She is a disgusting b*tch.”

Jules Kirby: “Its really disappointing that Sarah Palin will not be holding slumber parties with handmade teddies in the White House”

Nicholas Rhodes: “I had chills during Obama’s speech and I woke up so proud to be an American which is a feeling that I haven’t had for a very long time. I am really excited to see it all unfold! Palin looked like a sour puss!”

D.J. Nick Cohen: “I choose to stay out of political discussions and elections because I do want to justify legitimate organized mafia…”

If you want to see the rest of them, if you really want to, you’ll have to go over there. Peter Davis does not come into this house.

What NYC Socials Think of the Presidential Results [Guest of A Guest]


What Do Socialites Think About Barack Obama Winning the Election?