What Would You Put on Seventeen Stories in Times Square?

"In four years, a woman is going to come here and ask you to vote for her. She's going to be very pretty and she's going to remind you of your nice school librarian. But she is evil, and you mustn't listen to her."

Drugstore chain Walgreens has erected a 17,000-square-foot, seventeen-story electronic billboard on 42nd Street over its latest New York location at 1 Times Square. The billboard (which, according to Variety, the company likes to call “a spectacular”) has three sides and will generate an estimated 1.6 million impressions a day. It’s a big-budget move in a time when selling ad space is getting harder and harder, but Walgreens already has time reserved for clients with stock on its shelves, like L’Oreal, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, and Colgate. But after that, they’ll sell to other buyers with the money and vision.

Which really begs us to ask of you: What would you put on seventeen stories in Times Square? We’d put David Beckham in Armani underwear. Or maybe Freddie Ljungberg in Calvin Klein! But we have, um, specific tastes. Not everybody wants to see the Absolut Hunk come to life. What would you prefer?

Walgreens lights up Times Square [Variety]

What Would You Put on Seventeen Stories in Times Square?