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William Kristol: ‘I’m Kinda Stretched a Little Thin’

Skelos, Paterson, and Silver: “We’re number one!”

New York Times opinion columnist William Kristol is not unaware that the Internet is speculating about his future at the paper. But he says he’s had “zero issues” with the editorial staff of the Gray Lady. “Despite all the dramatics in the blogosphere it’s been a very undramatic experience for me,” he said at an Independent Film Channel panel this morning, according to the Observer. “You gotta talk to [the Times] about that. It’s been a lot of work and I’m kinda stretched a little thin. I’ll see.”

Kristol was asked about Elisabeth Bumiller’s story (in his own paper) on the McCain campaign, in which she seemed to out one of his own sources. “It was a little weird,” he said, assuring listeners that reporters don’t coordinate with the editorial board, and that he cooperated with her as he would any journalist. Thankfully, the election aftermath has held one nice treat for Kristol: He got to see Sarah Palin again. “I met her for the second time in my life,” he said, attacking the notion that he was somehow her best friend and shill during the campaign. “I barely know her!” Oh, Bill. It’s the admirers from afar who are the most crazy — everybody knows that.

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William Kristol: ‘I’m Kinda Stretched a Little Thin’