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A Karate Krishna Christmukkah to You!

What you are looking at here is the carriage made by a Greenpoint man in order to tote his grandchildren around town. On a regular day, he can be seen pulling it along through the neighborhood, full of tots. Sometimes, he’ll yell at you about his conservative political beliefs. Other times, he’ll play the tambourine. Blogger Miss Heather doesn’t know his name, but calls him “Karate Krishna” because he’s apparently a Buddhist (how often do you see a Republican one of those?). Nonetheless, for the holidays, to the delight of his grandkids, he’s tricked out his cart with the kind of holiday frippery you’re usually only allowed to indulge in if you have a front lawn in the suburbs with one of those shiny reflective colored balls on a pedestal.

Why are we showing you this picture? Because right now, your Daily Intel editor Chris is ensconced in a (relatively freezing) Starbucks café on an extremely charming, snowy New England cobblestoned street. All around him, nearly identical people bundled up totter to and fro in Bean boots and mittens, shopping for presents and holding hands. There’s no homeless people or weirdos, or even anybody wearing black. And, oh look, a family just got into an adorable snowball fight in the park across the street. It’s pretty much the most stereotypical Christmas scene you could imagine.

Which is why, just the teensiest bit, we wish we were in New York right now.

And with that, we’re off for a few days. Happy holidays, everyone! See you on Monday!

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A Karate Krishna Christmukkah to You!