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Are You Really Ready to Have David Gregory on ‘Meet the Press’?

Both the Huffington Post and Politico reported last night that David Gregory will officially be the next host of Meet the Press on NBC. The network has since denied that anything is set in stone, and Gregory’s people had nothing to say when the Observer called. So we have some more time to think about whether we’re really ready for this development. Some basic questions to get you started:

How could they do this to Andrea Mitchell? Come on, Alan Greenspan isn’t Fed chief anymore — she could start doing economic interviews during the new administration. And she’s been there for 94 years; where’s the loyalty?
Isn’t it time for a moderator who isn’t a white man? Seriously. We know morale is low at NBC News, but if not Andrea Mitchell, what about Gwen Ifill? Everybody loves Gwen Ifill!
Won’t Gregory just seem like Tom Brokaw Lite? He’s younger than the current temporary host, he’s thinner, his voice is higher, he has less gravitas, his hair is fluffier, and he’s roughly 50 percent more Fraggle-like. We know he has a few decades of experience, but it’s still going to seem like they put a kid in charge. Why not just call Luke Russert?

What do you guys think?

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Are You Really Ready to Have David Gregory on ‘Meet the Press’?