Au Revoir, Au Bon Pain

The Au Bon Pain at 600 Third Avenue has shut its doors, prompting a long and emotional eulogy from the folks at TruTV, whose building it was in:

We’ll miss the slow service, random lines, totally disorganized coffee station (which was almost always running out of milk, coffee cups and even coffee) and we’ll miss the regular presence of talented character actor Dan Hedaya … Perhaps most of all, We’ll miss the big sign on the door that read: ‘Hey you with the big smile, you want a job?’ We always got a kick out of that, because if the perpetually dour expressions on the faces of the employees were any indication, it seemed clear the the people with the big smiles had all decided to answer that question with a cheerful ‘no, thanks!’

God, Dan Hedaya is in everything. How does he do it?

[Dumb As a Blog/TruTV]

Au Revoir, Au Bon Pain