Beckhams and Cruises Ride Horse Carriages Together

This is not quite the moment (you can tell because her eyeliner is still intact), but we’ll let you know if we find a better pic.

David and Posh and Tom and Katie took caravan-style horse-carriage rides together in Central Park on Thanksgiving, then ordered eight pizzas and milk for their kids the next day at Serafina. Also, Tom says it’s not true that he got an anti-Scientology book pulled from Amazon. A-Rod had Thanksgiving dinner with his ex, Cynthia, and his kids, but then was spotted at Madonna’s Star Island mansion in Miami, and also was in Mexico City Sunday when she was, too. Can we just stop and think about how many homes Madonna has and the people who keep them nice when she’s not there?

Lou Reed loaned some of his guitars from the eighties for teens to use at the 92nd Street Y. Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti is mentoring Boston band the Dead Trees. Christopher Buckley has a book coming out in May about losing his parents, conservative pillars William F. and Pat. Bret Easton Ellis will write the screenplay, and Gus Van Sant will consult on, a movie about couple Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, the filmmaker and artist who killed themselves last year. Cindy Adams was chided by Valentino’s partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, for writing that Big V. will “show up at the opening of an envelope” these days; Cindy also was staying at the attacked Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai this time last year, so you should worry for her retroactively.

Actor and accused cop-killer Lillo Brancato was “like a little brother” to Plumm nightclub owner Noel Ashman. Rosie O’Donnell’s new variety show probably won’t get picked up by NBC. Britney Spears is now hated by every person in the U.K. for lip-synching on a show there where people usually sing live, and also for not singing when she appeared at the gay club G.A.Y. later on. But she turns 27 tomorrow and, overall, is doing pretty well compared to last year. Brad Pitt is a good person for building new, energy-efficient homes in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. Tina Fey has no remorse over lampooning Sarah Palin, who could get a $7 mil book deal, says Liz Smith. Stephen Daldry is getting flack for his new movie with Kate Winslet as a concentration-camp guard who incinerates 300 Jews but still is sort of a sympathetic character who triumphs over illiteracy and does a hot nude scene.

Peter O’Toole’s actress daughter, Kate, seems to have a drinking problem just like he did. James Franco says that Sean Penn pushed for heavier gay love scenes with him in Milk. We would with you, too, James, because you’re a pliant, delightful sex object. Lars Ulrich from Metallica gave up coke but, oddly and poignantly, still loves going into a bathroom stall with two guys while they’re doing it. David Fincher, who is directing the movie with Brad Pitt aging backward, has everyone fed up with him. Madonna’s brother, Christopher, who wrote that shocking tell-all about her, will now direct a teen slasher movie called Twist.

Kurt Russell let Goldie Hawn do all the talking and did whatever she said at an awards ceremony. Samantha and Mark Ronson’s half-sister, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, studies acting at Bard and may become a big star. Katie Couric tells Vanity Fair’s 21-questions thing that her motto is “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Well, Baby, you better get out of that CBS 6:30 p.m. corner, then.

Beckhams and Cruises Ride Horse Carriages Together