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Blagojevich Won’t Appoint New Senator

One of the factors in the whole Blagojevich mess that’s putting many politicians on edge (other than his mind-boggling hair, of course) is the idea that since he’s quixotically remaining in office, he might try to appoint a senator to replace Barack Obama after all. Since he’s going down for trying to sell the seat, whoever he picked would obviously face a world of pain and quite possibly say no (that is, if they hadn’t already paid $1 million for the privilege). But last night Blagojevich’s lawyer, Ed Genson, said there’s nothing to fear: Blago won’t appoint.

Why not? Because he’s obviously got some conflicts of interest in the area, he should at least recuse himself in this one crucial matter, right? Wrong. Obviously. He’s not appointing a new senator because he thinks Harry Reid won’t accept the person he picks.

So, um, does it count if you make the right decision but not for the reason that it’s the right decision?

Attorney: Blagojevich Won’t Appoint Anyone to Fill Obama’s Senate Seat [Fox News]

Blagojevich Won’t Appoint New Senator