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Bush Twins: Obama Girls Are Cuter Than We Are

Once again in their final days in the White House, the Bush family reminds us how cute they can be. In an interview with the family in People, George, Laura, Barbara, and Jenna looked back:

Jenna: Eight years ago my dad was a very popular Texas governor … I think I was a little naïve about how people would treat him. But he’s never wavered in his decisions and he’s the same as he was when we were little, his ethics. So that’s something to be proud of in itself.

Barbara: They’ve stayed the same to us and they have the same ethics that they had all their life.

The President: I thought you’d say my hair got grayer.

Jenna: He’s been under a lot of stress, we’re ready for him to go back to Texas and be warmly received.

People: Barbara, Jenna, any advice for Sasha and Malia Obama?

Jenna: Well, they’re a lot younger than we are, cuter than we are. We’re old news.

Barbara: Even the puppy is going to be cuter.

Now, let’s not go too far. Barney and Miss Beazley are pretty frickin’ adorable, even if they are a little feisty. And if you ask us, America really should always have a cat in the White House named Willard.

George, Laura and Jenna in People mag about what’s to come [Politico]

Bush Twins: Obama Girls Are Cuter Than We Are