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Calvin Klein Tearing Down His Castle

First reported over a year ago, steps are finally being taken to tear down the eccentric castle where Calvin Klein lives in Southampton. It’s been called Dragon’s Head, Chestertown, and Elysium. If you’re one of those people who likes to spend lazy Saturdays in the Hamptons biking around places like Gin Lane, peeping through the hedgerows at the giant, gorgeous houses, you’ve surely seen it. (What, other people don’t do that?) It’s that giant, incredibly creepy-looking structure on the water off of Meadow Lane. You know, the one that looks like Dr. Claw lives there? If you’ve ever seen the Genzyme Building in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it’s that kind of effect.

The Post reports today that the application to tear down the $30 million structure and replace it with a smaller, sleeker modern structure was filed this week. If approved, it will mean the destruction of a kooky building that was once home to Henry duPont, and was added upon by financier Barry Trupin in the eighties (he’s the one who added the castlelike spires and the fully stocked shark tank).

While there, Klein has had some legendary parties. But every princess wants a palace in her own image, and Calvin wants something that better reflects his aesthetic. And they said nobody was building in the Hamptons anymore.


Calvin Klein Tearing Down His Castle