Did Gwyneth Paltrow Get a New Pair of Knockers for Christmas?

Willie Nelson is in town recording a jazz album and goes out to a tour bus parked outside Manny’s Music on West 48th Street for ganja breaks. Nineteen-year-old Daniel Radcliffe, starring in Equus on Broadway, has a 1 a.m. curfew. Barbra Streisand impersonator Steven Brinberg sat a few seats away from the real Barbra at August: Osage County the other night but didn’t have the nerve to introduce himself. Gwyneth Paltrow looks like she’s been working out, and also like maybe she had her boobs enlarged a bit?

Whitney Port, from The Hills but here in New York for her spinoff show, The City, says New York guys are better than L.A. guys. Let the incisive bi-coastal commentary begin! Adrien Brody tells Cindy Adams that the reason she never sees him at Broadway opening nights is because nobody invites him. Cindy also reports that Chelsea Clinton and a male friend who’s not her boyfriend do a hard-core abs class at fancy spa Exhale.

Michael Bolton is “basically homeless” now that his former fiancée, Nicolette Sheridan, has kicked him out of the $4.4 million mansion they just bought in L.A. Axl Rose is supposedly “anthrophobic,” which means afraid of people, which means Guns N’ Roses is having a hard time promoting their first album in fifteen years because Axl supposedly hasn’t left his house in two months.

Tom Cruise is being stalked by an unstable Iraq vet who has been ordered to stay away from Cruise’s Beverly Hills home after showing up there three times to ask Cruise for help with veterans’ rights. Sherri Shepherd is upset that SNL doesn’t even have enough black actors to do a skit making fun of The View.

Jennifer Aniston is naked on the cover of GQ, and inside she talks about two people … you can probably guess who they are while you yawn. Kate Moss was photographed carrying what looked like poppers — the kind you sniff for a quick high, not the jalapeño things you eat. Kim Raver is going to Ethiopia for UNICEF because she can’t bear to see starving African children drinking from a dirty spigot. She also hints that maybe a ton of fan mail may give Lipstick Jungle a second chance. Kim, listen: You can have healthy African children or your show back, not both, so pick one.

Did Gwyneth Paltrow Get a New Pair of Knockers for Christmas?