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Ed Westwick’s Facebook: ‘Everyone on Gossip Girl Should Just Date Each Other. LOL.’

Somehow, using a treasure map or their wits or secrets whispered down to them by long-dead ancestors, the great minds at BlackBook managed to infiltrate the Facebook page of Ed Westwick, or as we know him, Chuck Bass. Once in, they had before them a glittering array of jewels, and managed to grab a Wall discussion between Westwick and what appear to be his fellow Gossip Girl castmates about the report on “a web site” that he was recently making out with Vanessa, a.k.a. Jessica Szohr. After the jump, Westwick, Szohr, and ‘Danii Caprin Crunch-Crawford’ (guess) display varying degrees of literacy.

Danii Caprin Crunch-Crawford wrote:

sorry gg is very bored so im writing to u.
I look forward to seein u and leigh whenever u guys decide to come here and visit me!=)
yah buddy
ps this so called rumore about you and jessica, i know that isn’t true caue of what u told me yesterday but send me a message 2day when u get up or something.

Edward Westwick:
Are you kidding? Jess and I? HA HA HA.

Jessica Karen Szohr
Yeah … but I’m not dating him, Ed’s too british to me. hahahahhaha!

Amazing, isn’t it? Like seeing into the mind of a unicorn.

UPDATE: Dammit, we think we’ve been had. As commenters queensgirl and jourgy below point out, Jessica Szohr’s name is spelled wrong in the BlackBook screengrab and the layout looks funny. This is bad news because, well, we’ve probably been tricked, probably by some dickbag kid, and that makes us angry. But the good news is we can now go back to imagining that the cast members are as preternaturally verbal as their onscreen counterparts. Yay!

Chuck Bass: Facebook Poet [Blackbook]

Ed Westwick’s Facebook: ‘Everyone on Gossip Girl Should Just Date Each Other. LOL.’